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… The Love Note can be characterized as a humorous, easy, fun and worthwhile read. I found the book interesting in the fact that it confronted real issues. These issues are not only confronted by middle schoolers, but by high schoolers, college students and adults.
Young Adult
Lansing, MI
… The plot and people are just like teenagers today. Rumors and lies spread so easily. I think more authors like you should write stories like yours. I never really wanted to be an author when I grow up, but I might consider writing stories of my childhood.
Young Adult
Fairfax Station, VA
… The love note has a variety of events in it that relate to schools everywhere. Friendships go through things like that all of the time and your book is a problem solver for struggling girls.
Young Adult
Chesapeake, VA
… Your book, “The Love Note” should be in every Junior High School. In fact it, should be required 7th grade reading.
Millie Preston
Retired Educator, New York
… “Sage”, a follow up to the love note (2004) is a cautionary tale about the importance of being true to whom you are, appreciating what you have and giving people the benefit of the doubt. The author has a knack for capturing pre-teen angst.
Kirkus Discoveries
New York
… “The Love Note” is a great read for young girls. Esparza-Harris takes an everyday, simple situation, so typical, to cause drama in a young girl’s life, and weaves it into a great tale that can help guide them through similar situations. I believe readers in this age group will appreciate how the story is written in a way that not only teaches and is able to help them understand its message, but it’s entertaining as well.
Donielle Ruff
APOOO Book Club