The Love Note


Gina’s friend Felecia Finch asks her to deliver a love note to Felecia’s dream boy, Eric Miller. Of all places, she asks Gina to deliver the note while they are in the cafeteria during lunch break. Gina doesn’t want to do it, but with all the whining she’s hearing from her friend it just seems easier to get up and walk the note over to the table where Eric is sitting, so she does. Unbeknown to Gina, what seems like something small isn’t when everyone begins to think the love note came from her! When her friend Felecia refuses to help her clear things up, she wrestles with a misunderstanding that’s making school days unpleasant.


Second Edition. ISBN#:  978-0-9903097-1-0
Young Adult Readers, ages 13-18.
Written by Mechelle Esparza-Harris.
Paperback, 56 pp.
Published by Ardnek Publishing, LLC.

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